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Cheshire, UK – 15th May 2012 – Dan Whitehead, a game and film critic with twenty years experience, has launched Word Play, a new company aimed at bringing writers from film, comics and other mediums together with video games developers.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the narrative possibility of games,” he explains. “The medium offers narrative opportunities that film can’t match, but that doesn’t mean that film experience can’t be used to improve the writing in games. The demand is out there. Over the years I’ve collaborated with lots of experienced writers who were interested in working on games but had no idea how to find the work, and have met lots of developers who wanted to use professional writers to script their games but weren’t sure who to approach. Bringing the two together just made sense.”

Word Play offers a wide range of writing services, ranging from feedback notes on existing scripts to dialogue and character polishing, and full start-to-end project support. “If a developer has an amazing gameplay concept, but needs a story to make it sell, we can do that,” says Whitehead. “Alternatively, a game may already have a story but it’s not making sense and milestones are looming. Dialogue polishing, backstory, plot pacing, character development – these all matter, but often get lost in the scramble to solve problems with the code. That’s where we can help.”

Whitehead began writing about games for Amiga Computing in 1991 and currently freelances for Eurogamer. He has previously contributed to Hotdog, The Big Issue, DVD Review, Death Ray, Official Xbox Magazine and Retro Gamer. An accomplished author and editor with extensive experience of working with licensed brands, he has completed publishing projects with major entertainment brands such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Looney Tunes. He has also been a specialist gaming consultant for Guinness World Records and is a voting member of BAFTA.

Several experienced writers are already available for video game script work via Word Play.

  • Mark Wheaton: Los Angeles-based screenwriter Mark Wheaton has developed scripts for clients as varied as Steven Soderbergh, John Carpenter, Oprah Winfrey, Oliver Stone, Sam Raimi and Michael Bay. His video game credits include work on the F.E.A.R. series.
  • Ian Edginton: Eisner Award nominated British comic writer Ian Edginton’s credits include the critically acclaimed Scarlet Traces, as well as successful runs writing Batman, Alien vs Predator, Wolverine and Judge Dredd. Edginton has also written several video game adaptations, including the Hellgate: London comic and the official novelisation of cult Amiga title Zool.
  • Tim Neenan: Tim Neenan is a member of LA’s hugely popular comedy theatre Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and has written and produced sketches for Funny or Die and CollegeHumor.com, as well as Ben Stiller’s charity, The Stiller Foundation.

For more information on the services Word Play provides, contact Dan Whitehead.

Email: dan (at) wordplaynarrative.com

Web: www.wordplaynarrative.com

Twitter: WordPlay4Games

Skype: wordplaynarrative


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