Dan Whitehead

No games please, we’re British

Danny Boyle’s magnificent Olympic opening ceremony celebrated everything great about Britain – except for our games. Advertisements


Cheshire, UK – 15th May 2012 – Dan Whitehead, a game and film critic with twenty years experience, has launched Word Play, a new company aimed at bringing writers from film, comics and other mediums together with video games developers. “I’ve always been fascinated by the narrative possibility of games,” he explains. “The medium offers […]

The dangerous myth of “real” games

“It’s an exciting time to be making games,” says Steve Ellis, formerly of Free Radical, now head of new startup studio Crash Lab with Martin Wakeley and former Rare man Lee Musgrave. “It’s great to have thrown off the shackles of traditional console development and to be able to enjoy the creative freedom of working […]

Why players press to skip

It’s easy to forget that games are still an artform very much in their infancy, given how dominant they have become in pop culture, and there’s a danger that such a rapid rise in popularity has left the medium running before it can walk, narratively speaking. We’re still working out the best way to tell […]